The Artist Tree

  • The Artist Tree

This Tree was in the parking lot behind the warehouse where a group of us painted every Thursday night. We loved to see the tree during the different times of the year and different times of the day.  To me, this tree illustrates the ability of life to grow and thrive under any adversity.  It was the only living thing in the hot parking lot, there in Nothridge, CA. It pushed through the hot asphalt and grew to house hundreds of birds. In the evening you could hear them chirping their good nights to each other as they settled in for the night.  The tree provided cool shade for the birds and insects and even people who would find the parking spot under the tree, the choice spot. We loved to see how the shadow stretched out over the building behind it as the sun passed overhead. The cool green leaves were a rest-pit for the eyes as you past between the buildings into the hidden oasis.  We called the tree, The Artist Tree.  I am sorry to say, that the tree is now gone. The pressures of civilization prevailed the roots were causing damage and the tree was removed.

24″ x 48″ Oil on canvas

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