Shamanic Noetica – Complete

  • Shamanic Noetica

Shamanic Noetica completely assembles measures 6 ft x 8 ft.

There are very archetypal images in the creations. Maybe there are things that you see that I don’t.

This is how I began doing the Windows to the Soul Series:

I was working in Acrylics and had a beautiful piece of wood covered and sanded with gesso. Oh, my… the pure wood canvas was terrifying. So I put some acrylic medium and laid a paper covered in charcoal into it. As I pealed up the paper, it left a random smudge of charcoal imbedded into the medium. When it dried I had my music playing and sat and looked and meditated on the smudge. Something like looking at the clouds and finding images. Slowly the images began to appear. I used my brush and began to bring out the images and subdue the areas that I did not see images.

It is a very internal, subconscious method of painting and took being in a deep meditation. The first painting that I did was Brambles. I felt as though looking through the glass in both directions the window panes held the images over many years.

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