I do commissioned portraits as well as landscapes or any other painting that you would like. I can work from life or photograph.

Murals, I have done a few murals. If a client wants a mural in their home or office I could design and paint it as well.

My method of painting a commissioned portrait would be to set a meeting where we talk about what you have in mind. Do you have a photo for me to work on? Is the person for the subject alive and/or available to be met? I can work form a photo or from life.  After meeting and discussing the subject, the size and the price, I would like to meet the subject if possible.  I would like to take photos and perhaps do some fast sketches to get the feeling of the person. One 3rd of the agreed price would be due and non refundable when the contract is signed.

Then I would go back to my studio and begin the work.  I would come up with a few sketches to see if it would be what the client is looking for.  After agreeing on the primary pose and sketch, I would go back to work and begin the painting.  Once I was nearly finished, I would meet again with the client to get their feed back and approval of what they see. At that point the 2nd payment of a 1/3 of the agreed price would be due.

I would then finish the details and deliver the work to the client, when the final payment is due.

A portrait can take anywhere between 40 to 80 hours to complete.

I would use oil paints to paint portraits.  There are times I may begin in acrylics to get a certain look or flat background.

If the client is not happy with the work at the end, the art work will belong to the artist. The 1st 1/3 of the agreed upon price is non refundable, all other payments will be refunded.



I was the teacher for the group Bauhaus Nouveau.

If you go to Plein Air Painting, you can see some of my paintings and other peoples paintings that are in the group.

Under Mural Painting,  you will see some of the murals that I have done and been a part of.  The Mediterranean ocean view is one that my friend and I painted on her wall of her patio to create an ambiance of space and vacation.

The other murals are ones we did in the showroom in Beverly Hills, store Dicker & Dicker Furs.

Under Workshops, you will see photos of the painting group doing what we do best. Painting and having fun.

Under News, you will find some photos of me with my friends at various group gatherings.

Let me know if you need me to get any of those photos for the website.