Lucie Rouart

36”x30” Oil on Canvas [Not for Sale]

I saw this photograph by Neil Folberg, in the November 2005 issue of Art News Magazine. I was very attracted to the mood, strength of the woman’s face and intense look. Lucy Rouart is the great –grand-daughter of the famous artist Berthe Morisot after a portrait of Manet. Folberg did an amazing photo shoot representing the impressionists of the 19th century in France. I have contacted him in regards to the painting of his photograph.  He requested that I give him is credit and not to sell the painting. As an artist I will honor his request and copyright.

I painted this photo larger than life. This painting is a favorite in my personal collection.

A long time friend, Reg, commented, “Elaine, you do not just paint the portrait, you paint the soul.”  I hope I have done her justice and honor.


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