About Elaine

It Starts With Life – By Neil Post

Elaine Evans PortraitElaine is the 3rd of 13 children, raised in the rural country side of Wappingers Falls, New York.

This great American town, incorporated in 1871, has rich landscapes and an idyllic setting that set the tone for Elaine’s creativity to blossom at a very young age to become one of the rising prolific American artists of this generation.

As a young girl, Elaine often could be found sitting by Wappingers Creek sketching landscapes of the area.  The flow of the creek on a spring day, surrounded by an abundance of Chinese Elms, Chickasaw Plum, Carolina Silverbells, Sycamore and Black Walnut bushes and trees made an  abundance of back drops for this young artist’s abilities to flourish.

The natural backdrops of her beginnings led way to her deep desire to expand her talents to the human form.  Early on, she studied the faces and body movements of her siblings and childhood friends; arms lying lazily on chairs, wisps of hair flying while scurrying up and down trees that were perfect for climbing with her friends, brothers and sisters.  The laughter and summer story telling while sitting cross-legged on fresh grass with bare feet never seemed to end these childhood seasons.  This breath of American life and upbringing drove her ambition and curiosity forward, which was instrumental for her creativity to flourish, and is reflected in her matured art work today. (See resume)


Ah The Formalities and The Present Times

Elaine, your painting is the centre piece of my living room and it is still one of my most treasured possessions. What a gift you have and that you shared with me! - —Meredith Simmons

With the innate ability, creativity is God given but to enhance one’s gifts is to expand the talent, with formal training and life experiences.  In the 1970’s Elaine attended Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie New York and several colleges in California where she studied many forms of art including commercial art, painting, design, calligraphy, art history, and life model drawing.

While following her art path, it was time for the artist to do what came naturally and that was to have children and raise a family.  This abundantly added to her life experiences for without the foundations of love one can never realize what art truly is so she stepped aside for a short time to do what was required for her family.

In 1996, after getting her AA at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, CA she transferred to California State University, Northridge and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Painting in December, 1999.  Elaine extended her studies into sculpting at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts, where she met and befriended the well known artist, Mario Jason.  This expanded and profoundly impacted her love of the human form which has taken her to a higher level of art.

Today, Elaine paints with oils and acrylics as well as watercolor.  She loves the challenge and excels in painting portraits and developing realism.  Most exciting is her venture and direction into surrealism which grasps your mind and delves into your soul with deep hearted expression that only her work can do.  She has moved beyond most artists limitations to a richer, more vibrant expression in her portraits and other works.  Elaine is now also experimenting, with a high level of success, in three dimensional landscapes worked with mosaics; once again, with a high level of success.


What Arises From The Ashes

We are in the midst of a great artist, an American artist, with humble beginnings, who fills every void of our times in our quest for great art.  We all strive for beauty of what the beholder, us, longs for.  Art can be passed by because much of it lacks what it doesn’t do to our imagination or our heart and soul:  It doesn’t move us.  Elaine Evans’ work does what we’ve been missing for so long in good art work.  It lets us experience her most inner creativity.  For without one’s expression of creativity such as Elaine’s art work, we would not fully understand what it means to be creative.  It brings us out of the shadows to a new form of work that actually breathes life into our appreciative thirsty spirits.

Today, we have the gift of an amazing artist among us and to not witness this is stealing a part of us that needs to soar – rising from the ashes.