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African -Violets

African Violet Oil on canvas 12" x 12" My girlfriend moved and gave me her African Violet. It is flourishing and brings me memories of her friendship as I tend to it.  I thought I'd capture it in a painting as it sat in the morning light.

Scallions #3

Scallions #3 24"x12" Oil on canvas Scallions and tomatoes from my garden to your kitchen.

Forever Young

Chris and Tommy 30"x36" Oil on canvas Chris and Tommy died on March 22th 2016 from Carbon Monoxcide Poisoning in their home. Both would have been 60 this year and had so much to live for. This painting was for their children and grandchildren. I love you both.

Sonny Jim Portrait with my commisioner

This is the customer who was very pleased with the painting of Sonny Jim, rodeo hero and Native American healer. Oil on Canvas

Scallions #1

Scallions #1 These are not really scallions, but, they began my scallion series and were grown in my garden. 8"x 24" Oil on canvas

Scallions #4

Scallions #4 Salad anyone? Fresh delicious scallions and tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil. 12"x 36" Oil on canvas

Scallions #5 – Burntbridge Cellars

Scallions #5 - Burntbridge Cellars 20"x20" Oil on canvas. In this painted I ventured beyond the scallions to include the wine of a local winery.

Scallions #2

Scallions #2 2nd in the series of my scallion series. Grown in my own garden, I love the long flowing tops against the red background.  24"x 12" Oil on canvas a perfect match together with Scallions #3