5 results for month: 12/2014

Cute as a Button

Cute as a Button, 6"x6", Oil on canvas. Registered name: Cute as a Button Nick name: Button Endearing name: Button Baby Short nick name: Butt My wonderful little Button.

Pears n Tea

Pears n Tea, 8"x10" Oil on canvas. Everyone needs something sweet to go with your afternoon tea.  How about a pear?

Champagne Eggs

Champagne Eggs, 10"x8", Oil on canvas I found this old silver champagne glass in an antique store. I was attempting to paint looser than my usual style. Normally I would smooth and shape but, I thought I would get some response from my viewers.

Still Life

Still Life Painting, 10"x8", Oil on canvas. I could not come up with a name. I love the way the orange reflects in the pitcher.

Silver and Bells

Silver and Bells. 8"x10" Oil on canvas. Christmas comes once a year. It is fund to bring out the things that spur the memories of days gone by.