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Baker Street

Baker Street is thriving, after a difficult start to his life.  His mom had a severe injury to her leg and the infection got into the bone.  She saw having a difficult time nursing her colt and fighting off the infection.  Baker Street was able to be adopted by another mare who become his surrogate Mom.  In this painting, he is only about a week and a half old. He is very thin and we were not sure he would live.  Having a loving surrogate mare has insured his life and healthy growth.  20"x16" Oil

Washington Sunset

12"x24" Oil on canvas paper

Light Spirits

The morning I was leaving Mendocino where I had been attending their first annual Plein Air Paintout, I looked in the rear view mirror and noticed the light shining through the trees while the horse was grazing.  I stopped and snapped the photo and in the photo I could see the light spirits dancing around the horse. I love the idea that light is a presence. It is tangible and the horse was unawares of the beauty around him, but, he was part of the beauty. 18"x18", oil on canvas

Charlie & Grand-daughter

Charlie's grand-daughter loves him so much. He captured this moment that he wanted to put into a painting. I worked from that photo. Just finished Oct 2014. 16"x20" Oil on canvas.