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Light Spirits

Recently I was fortunate enough to spend some time in Mendocino, California where I stayed on a ranch that bordered the Redwood Forest. The horses became a favorite subject for me while painting for the plein air paint-out sponsored by the Mendocino Art Center.  This photo I took the morning I was leaving to head home.  Once I got home I had to paint it. As I looked into my rear view mirror and saw a painting. I had to stop and snap the photo and caught the light spheres that looked like spirits dancing on the light rays as they come over the tree line. The horse being unaware of the spirit dance surrounding him. Painted in 2014 18"x18", Oil on ...

First Light

I recently visited Mendocino, California for a plein air paint-out, sponsored by the Mendocino Art Center. I was fortunate enough to stay at a local ranch. This is Nico standing in the Redwood Forest as the first light crept into the forest. He looked up the moment the light touched his body as if to see who entered the forest. 12"x 24", oil on canvas

Light Spirits

10"x10" Oil on canvas, this is a smaller version.


5"x7" Oil on canvas 2014 She is 20 years old and still going.