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Iverson Ranch 2

Iverson Ranch is know for the area when movies began to be filmed in California.  It is located in the Chatsworth hills in the north west corner of the San Fernando Valley.  Hundreds of movies and television shows were filmed in the rocky hills. Memorable movie stars, Ronald Regan, John Wayne and many more walked the dry trails of the Iverson Ranch. Shows such as Virginia, Lone Ranger, Bonanza were filmed in the area. Many of the rocky formations are seen in films from yester-year. Here I am experimenting with some 3-dementional paintings where I built out with plaster and wire to form the 3-d look.

Old Oak Tree

Old Oak Tree in the Devonshire Park in Chatsworth, CA. Oil on canvas


I began by thinning the paint to watercolor consistency. Then layered the paint to create a mood. If you look closely you can still see some of the dripping paint. This painting is called 'Anticipation'. When Anissa was pregnant with her first child, I caughfound  her sitting by the window with the light streaming through. I know the feeling of anticipation soon before the birth of my children. I wanted to capture that awe, and the tender loving anticipation of what was happening within her. 30”x24” Oil on Canvas / Framed it is 36'x30' Awarded the Best Theme Painting for the Kenmore Art show 2014