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Faces of Women

35"x20" Acrylic on canvas This painting began by going through magazines and finding images that I liked. Then I made a collage. Then I created the large painting from the collage.


SOLD - 36"x30", Acrylic on canvas.  The beginning of my Reading series. 1996 Meredith is a friend of my sons from high school.  She came over one day to help Jeff and his friend prepare for a book report that neither of them had read.  Here Meredith was reading the cliff notes of the book to direct them is a short movie to show as their book-report. I happened to walk by the living room that they had blacked out the sofa and the window. I was captured by the impact as she leaned into the light to read.  I said "Meredith, don't move, I am going to take your photo."  This painting became the first of my many paintings of the subject of people ...